Tips for Designing a Classic Farmhouse Kitchen

Tips for Designing a Classic Farmhouse Kitchen

Over the last several years, one of the most popular kitchen design trends has been the farmhouse style. This rustic interior adds a lovely and homey sense of charm to any home. Here are a few of the best tips for designing a classic farmhouse kitchen.

Warm Woods

The first tip for designing a classic farmhouse kitchen is to utilize warm woods. Incorporating woods with lighter, more natural tones helps give off a more traditional farmhouse feeling. You can use warm woods for your cabinetry, island, kitchen table, and chairs. Playing around with styles and stains is a fun way to mix it up and add a contemporary flair to a classic design.

Shaker Cabinets

Using shaker-style cabinetry is the second tip for designing a farmhouse kitchen. Shaker cabinets are simplistic, minimal, and traditional. This cabinetry style has been around for generations and adds to the overall farmhouse look that you’re aiming to achieve. You can go for a light-colored cabinet for a more open, airy vibe or a more neutral look with something like ebony shaker kitchen cabinets.

Rustic Aesthetic

The third tip for designing a classic farmhouse kitchen is to go for a rustic aesthetic. Of course, farmhouses are rustic by nature, being that you typically find them out in the rural countryside. Therefore, you want to recreate that same feeling within your kitchen space. Include things like the traditional farmhouse sink, old-fashioned stovetops, and other classic elements.

Vintage Décor

Making the most of vintage décor is the tip for a classic farmhouse kitchen design. With the bones of your farmhouse kitchen in place, you’ll now need to decorate. Searching for antiques in flea markets and thrift stores is a great way to find authentic vintage pieces that perfectly suit your kitchen. Getting antique lighting fixtures, old china, and other décor pieces is a lovely way to elevate the ambiance of your farmhouse kitchen.

Now that you have a few tips for designing a classic farmhouse kitchen, you can begin the process today. Make sure to check out Discount Kitchen Direct’s selection of cabinetry to get that traditional rustic farmhouse look.