Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinets – What RTA Means

When you order Ready to Assemble (RTA) cabinets, the manufacturer provides all the cabinetry parts in the box for you. All screws, drawer glides, hinges and any other part cabinetry parts are provided.  All cabinetry parts have been cut to size, all finishes have been applied, and all cabinets, drawers, and doors have been pre-drilled.  The parts are stacked, wrapped, “flat-packed”, and shipped directly to you.  We do suggest that you assemble the cabinetry using standard wood glue that can be found at any local hardware store.  Our semi-custom line does require that you assemble cabinetry with brad nails or staples. All other lines can be assembled with L brackets provided within the box.

You then assemble and install the cabinets, either yourself or with the help of a qualified contractor. If you are in our local service area, we can help you with your kitchen cabinet installation.

Assembled Cabinets vs RTA Cabinets

Assembled cabinets are pre-built and assembled by the cabinet manufacturer, including all drawers and hardware, and shipped to you.

RTA cabinets are shipped to you “flat packed” or unassembled and need to be built before installing.

Discount Kitchen Direct only ships Ready to Assemble cabinets, we do not offer assembled cabinets.

Why You Should Buy RTA Cabinets

With RTA cabinets, you save a significant amount compared to purchasing the same cabinet in an assembled form. You can save on shipping costs, since flat-packed cabinets take up less room than fully assembled cabinets in shipping. If you are doing the assembly yourself, you can also save a significant amount on labor costs.

Get Help

If you need help assembling the RTA cabinets we’ve shipped to you, we have a page dedicated to cabinet assembly instructions.

If you need help with installation and are in our local service area, we offer kitchen cabinet installation.

If you need design help, we offer full-service kitchen design.

If you have other questions our contact page lists all the ways you can get in touch with us.