3 Things To Consider Before Painting New Floating Shelves

3 Things To Consider Before Painting New Floating Shelves

Many homeowners have taken on projects over the last two years. Since we’ve all spent lots of time at home, why not spruce things up a bit? Perhaps it’s a good idea to start at the heart of the house—the kitchen. You can pick out new flooring, paint the walls, and improve organization. Floating shelves can help accomplish this last task. You can even make these items pop more by slapping on a fresh coat of paint. Here are three things to consider before painting new floating shelves that’ll help guide you through the endeavor.

Assemble Beforehand

You might think it’s easier to paint floating shelves before assembling them. Sadly, this is a common myth that many homeowners buy into. Paints can become sticky after you apply them. So it’d be more challenging to construct the shelves after the fact. A great tip is to ensure you’re able to move the shelves in different directions so that you don’t miss any cracks or crevices.

Sand Them Down

It’s much easier to paint on a flat service than a bumpy one. As a result, you should sand down the floating shelves before applying any paint. The paint may look rough and uneven if you don’t sand them first. A bonus is that sanding things down will make slivers of wood that pop up disappear. So you won’t have to stress about getting poked every time you grab something from the shelves.

Don’t Forget the Primer

After you’ve sanded the shelves, you must prime them before painting. Primer creates a smooth surface for you to paint on. The color will go on perfectly if you prime beforehand. Plus, when you paint the shelves without primer, they become sticky and have a strange texture.

These are three things to consider before painting new floating shelves. You should also note that the quality of the shelves contributes to the look of the paint. You must get solid shelving for things to look attractive. Luckily, Discount Kitchen Direct has gorgeous maple wood shelves that look perfect in any space. These will pop even more with the perfect paint job that matches your home’s décor.