5 Reasons To Use RTA Cabinets on Your Kitchen Renovation

5 Reasons To Use RTA Cabinets on Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen cabinets make large contributions to your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. The color and design of these organizing spaces can help you craft your desired ambiance in one of the most-used places in your home. When looking to replace and update your kitchen cabinetry, you should consider all the options available. Discover five reasons to use RTA cabinets on your kitchen renovation.

Cabinets: Kitchen Renovation Essentials

When renovating your kitchen, you must coordinate and maneuver dozens of pieces to ensure a timely and picture-perfect remodeling. However, few items are as important as your cabinets. These wooden cubbies take up a large portion of your kitchen space. That’s why their color is vital to consider. If you choose a dark brown color, your kitchen will feel dimmer and cozier. If you select a pure white tone, your kitchen will feel bright and clean.

Though cabinets are must-haves, selecting the right type is a doozy. Our team at Discount Kitchen Direct is here to help. Our wide array of ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets offers the perfect solution for home renovators. Whether you’re doing a project yourself or hiring professionals, cabinet assembly and installation is much simpler with RTA kitchen cabinets.

Reason #1: Quick Shipping and Doorstep Delivery

As with all renovating materials, cabinets must make it to your home for installation. The only changing variable is the time it takes for that to happen. With pre-assembled, custom cabinetry, you can expect a wait time of nearly two months until the cabinets arrive at your doorstep for installation. RTA cabinets undercut that wait time by two-thirds with delivery times closer to two or three weeks.

How Is This Shortened Time Possible?

You may wonder why there is such a stark difference in delivery times if both options get cabinets from the warehouse to your house. The largest component that affects this is the construction time that only pre-assembled cabinets go through. Carpenters must craft and construct your cabinets from scratch, sourcing, cutting, gluing, curing, and nailing your cabinets together. On top of it all, these carpenters likely have multiple projects going at once. So your cabinets are merely one project among many.

RTA cabinets don’t have these long assembly wait times. In fact, these systems often sit in warehouses nicely packaged together while waiting for shipment. Once you order, the team will collect all the pieces you need and immediately send them your way, removing that construction time. Though RTA cabinets require assembly on-site, these tasks typically take much less time than handcrafting because they arrive with instructions and pre-carved connection points.

Reason #2: The Perfect Price Point

Let’s face it—kitchen cabinets will consume a considerable chunk of your kitchen remodeling budget. But don’t let that change your eye for a good price. Ready-to-assemble cabinets are the perfect options for homeowners looking to save on cabinet prices while still installing high-quality cabinetry systems. RTA cabinets offer the perfect price point with much lower costs than pre-assembled options. These cost differences stem from two sources: mass production manufacturing and assembly requirements.

By mass-producing each door and panel, RTA cabinet manufacturers create more for less, driving their prices down compared to custom-built operations that may cut each wood piece anew for each project. Additionally, by cutting out the assembling carpenter in the middle, RTA cabinets reduce labor costs for their product, further reducing the overall price.

Reason #3: Flexible Styling Options

Your RTA cabinets go to your address from a warehouse that holds stacks of identical pieces. Because RTA cabinets come from prefabricated components, you have more flexibility with the way you put your cabinet together. You may even have more styling options with flexible assembly designs.

Here at Discount Kitchen Direct, you can choose from a wide array of wholesale RTA kitchen cabinets with pieces that fit every kitchen design and setup. Don’t settle for plain wall and base cabinets. Get your imagination going with end shelves, Lazy Susan setups, plate racks, wall pantries, knee drawers, range hood covers, wastebasket inserts, and more.

Reason #4: High-Quality Materials

Pre-assembled cabinets often come from particleboards or fiberboards. Though these mediums are excellent choices for various projects, they are not ideally suited for cabinetry. Your cabinets need to withstand constant opening and closing, heavy weight accumulations, and years of wear. Boards with mediocre structural integrity should not be your go-to choices.

Thankfully, RTA cabinets come in high-quality materials like solid plywood, which last a long time and are durable enough to sustain your kitchen tasks. Plywood is a much stronger manufactured wood material because it has internal gluing and woodgrain layering that creates optimal structural angles that haphazardly filled particleboard and fiberboard lack. Entrust your precious dishes and everyday dinnerware to well-constructed RTA cabinets like ours at Discount Kitchen Direct.

Reason #5: Simple Installation

Ready-to-assemble cabinets may not arrive at your doorstep in pre-set cubes, but they have everything you need for quick and easy installation during your renovation. The assembly process is similar to other furniture-building sets. Packages arrive with clear, printed instructions and written and visual cues. The pieces themselves already have pre-drilled holes and divots where screws and panels fit. This makes the assembly process so simple that you’ll be wondering why you haven’t built them yourself before.

On the flip side, if you’re renovating through a contractor, you can still utilize RTA cabinets for your new kitchen. In fact, the construction team may be able to throw these all together in a day, reducing the time your walls are bare and empty. Simply put, no matter who you are or how you go about installing them, RTA cabinets are the ideal choices for quick assembly and streamlined installation.

Remember these five reasons to use RTA cabinets on your kitchen renovation as you decide how to go about remodeling your kitchen space. Though everyone will have different cabinet installation needs, you can’t go wrong with ready-to-assemble models. Reach out to our team at Discount Kitchen Direct to learn more about our cabinetry. We even sell RTA kitchen cabinets wholesale so that your cabinets look great on your walls and stay within your budget. Connect with an expert today and explore our wide array of colors, shapes, and styles.

5 Reasons To Use RTA Cabinets on Your Kitchen Renovation