Shaker Cinder SC

Order shaker cinder cabinets to make your home look even more incredible. These cider cabinets are perfect and come in several sizes, so you can fit them around your house. Make upgrading your kitchen or bathroom space a success with cabinets that are easy to assemble as you enhance the look of your home!

Shaker Cinder

NOTE: All cabinets are shipped in flat-packs Ready to Assemble (RTA).
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Shaker Cinder
Full Overlay 5 Piece Door & Drawer Face, 1/2" Thick Plywood Box Construction
Full Extension Soft-Closing Under-Mount Glide System For Drawers, European Style Fully Concealed Soft-Closing Door Hinges
Drawer Boxes
Dovetail Joint Drawers
Assembly Method
Glue & Nail
Delivered In
RTA Orders Estimated 7-15 Business Days