Reasons Why Gray Kitchen Cabinets Are Making a Comeback

Reasons Why Gray Kitchen Cabinets Are Making a Comeback

Gray is a color that has found its way into many kitchens in recent years. White has been the go-to color for kitchen cabinetry for ages, but gray is giving it a run for its money. Gray is versatile, relaxing, and clean and is the perfect modern color for your cabinetry. Here are the reasons why gray kitchen cabinets are making a comeback.


One of the main reasons gray is becoming so popular in kitchens today is its versatility. Gray comes in both warm and cool tones, giving you a wide range of options. In addition, it easily pairs with an endless array of other design elements. For example, no matter what kind of backsplash you have, there’s a shade of gray that will be its perfect match. Gray cabinetry can also work well with any theme or aesthetic. Whether your kitchen is traditional or modern, gray cabinetry will elevate the overall ambiance and atmosphere. Greystone shaker cabinets are a perfect example of gray cabinetry that fits seamlessly with any design or aesthetic.


Another reason gray is making a comeback in kitchen cabinetry is that it has a relaxing quality. Gray is a neutral color that brings a feeling of calmness and serenity to any space. Blue-toned grays create a very relaxed feel that is almost reminiscent of a cool, calm body of water. In comparison, warmer tones of gray lift the energy in the kitchen and work wonders when natural light spills in from the windows. Shades of gray bring a spa-like relaxation to your kitchen, providing the perfect backdrop for family and friends to gather and enjoy cooking a meal together.


Lastly, gray cabinets are becoming so popular because of their clean appearance. White cabinetry tends to give away all its secrets, meaning that any spot or stain becomes very visible on it. Gray, on the other hand, is a skilled secret keeper that hides any stain or blemish with great stealth. Because of its darker color, any dirt or dust on it is nowhere near as visible as it would be with a lighter color like tan or white. If you’re looking for a clean appearance and feel for your kitchen space, then gray is the choice for you.

Now that you know the reasons why gray kitchen cabinets are making a comeback, you can start updating your cabinetry today. Check out Discount Kitchen Direct’s beautiful selection of greystone shaker cabinets to elevate your kitchen space with this popular trend.