5 Kitchen Design Tips for Aging in Place

5 Kitchen Design Tips for Aging in Place

As you become older, getting around quickly becomes more challenging. Elderly individuals are at a higher risk of experiencing trips, falls, and accidents that could result in physical injury. Because of this risk, it’s important to design your home and kitchen in an accessible way. Here are five kitchen design tips for aging in place.

Rounded Edges

The first kitchen design tip for aging in place in your home is to have rounded edges. As you get older, moving around becomes harder, and you can lose some motor control. If you have any sharp edges in your kitchen, they can pose a potential risk of injury. In order to avoid running into sharp edges in the kitchen and harming yourself, you should opt for smooth, rounded edges.

Effective Workspace Triangle

Creating an effective workspace triangle is another tip for designing a kitchen for yourself as you age. The workspace triangle is the distance between the stove, sink, and refrigerator. You want this space to be close enough that you can easily get to everything without having to take too many steps back and forth.

Lower Microwave

The third tip for designing a kitchen accessible for the elderly is to lower the microwave. In many kitchen designs, the microwave sits several inches above the stove. However, this placement may be too high for an older individual to reach. Therefore, you may want to consider placing the stove on top of the countertops in a space that’s easy for you to get to and use.

Drawers Over Doors

Opting for drawers instead of cabinet doors is another helpful tip for designing a kitchen where you can age in place. As the years go by, bending down to get into cabinets can be difficult, painful, and potentially hazardous. Because of this difficulty with cabinets, it may be a good idea to switch out your lower cabinets for drawers that are easily accessible.

Wider Entryways

Ensuring you have wider entryways is another beneficial design tip to include in your kitchen as you age. The main goal of a kitchen for an elderly individual is for it to be easy to get around. Doorways can be challenging to navigate as you grow older, especially if you have to use a wheelchair at any point. Therefore, you should consider widening your doors and entryways.

Now that you have five tips for designing a kitchen for aging in place, you can use them today. Discount Kitchen Direct can help you create the perfect kitchen for you and your family with their selection of shelving and cabinetry, including ebony shaker kitchen cabinets.