Ways To Incorporate Dark-Stained Cabinets Into Your Kitchen

Ways To Incorporate Dark-Stained Cabinets Into Your Kitchen

If you’re looking to refinish your kitchen, your first thoughts probably involved colors and themes. While you can always keep the kitchen shading you currently have, you might feel it’s time to switch things up. But how do you bring in darker hues to a kitchen space? Explore these easy ways to incorporate dark-stained cabinets into your kitchen.

Find the Balance

While everyone has their personal interior design preferences, there are some general rules to consider. The first one is finding the right balance between dark and light. The kitchen should feel like a place you could spend the day baking or cooking. If you have an all-light or all-dark kitchen color scheme, it could detract from the mood. Strike a balance by incorporating dark cabinetry with white marble countertops or light gray appliances.

Consider Other Aspects of the Look

The way your kitchen colors look impacts how the kitchen feels. Choosing a shade is one thing; selecting the glossiness is quite another. You can brighten dark-stained cabinets by overlaying a bright sheen of high-gloss finish. You can also amp up the brightness by using shiny stainless-steel refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers, so their reflectiveness increases the light in your kitchen. By implementing a polished look, you add light in secondary ways without sacrificing your beautiful dark cabinetry.

See the Bigger Picture

Your kitchen will likely connect to your dining room, living room, or foyer, where you have a coat of paint. If you take a step back and think about the blending of the two rooms, you’ll notice that dark cabinets don’t overwhelm a cohesive space. One way to implement a big-picture balanced rendering is to think about the style and shape of the cabinets themselves. If you have a minimalist, sleek kitchen design, the dark colors won’t feel as deep and overbearing in the grand scheme of things.

Remember these ways to incorporate dark-stained cabinets into your kitchen as you plan your dream renovation. If you’re looking for beautiful dark cabinetry at an affordable price, explore our espresso shaker RTA cabinets online. Here at Discount Kitchen Direct, we have a wide array of dark-colored cabinets that will fit every home design.