5 Ways To Modernize Your Dark Brown Kitchen

5 Ways To Modernize Your Dark Brown Kitchen

Dark brown kitchens are warm and homey. However, brown can sometimes feel outdated. Therefore, adding other modern design elements may be necessary to make your space up to date. Here are five ways to modernize your dark brown kitchen.

Upgrade Hardware

The first way to modernize your dark brown kitchen is to upgrade your hardware. When you do this, you can give your cabinets a sleek, modern look that will bring your kitchen into the modern age. Brass is a great example of a hardware finish that complements dark brown and will look stunning in your home’s kitchen space.

Upgrade Appliances

Upgrading appliances is the second way to make your dark brown kitchen more modern. If you have outdated appliances, your whole kitchen design will feel older. Therefore, you should consider upgrading all your appliances. Choosing modern finishes, such as stainless steel, is an excellent way to update your kitchen and give it an overall contemporary look.

Add Modern Lighting

The third way to modernize your brown kitchen is to add modern lighting. Utilizing specific light fixtures is a fantastic way to transform your kitchen space. Again, lighting is a significant design element that will help update your home. Unique pendant lights are good examples of minimal, modern lighting that will make your dark brown kitchen feel new and fresh.

Paint the Walls

Painting the walls is another way that you can make your kitchen more contemporary. You’ll want to choose a complementary paint color for your dark brown kitchen. You can opt for neutral colors to maintain a warm, low-key feeling. Alternatively, you can opt for a splash of color to brighten up your space. Whatever color you choose, you should ensure it works well with your other design elements.

Upgrade Countertops

The fifth way to modernize your kitchen is to upgrade your countertops. You may wish to contrast the dark brown design with lighter countertops. Light variations of marble or quartz will look brilliant against the brown backdrop of your kitchen space. Light countertops will bring in that contemporary feeling while also adding a tasteful freshness that you’ll love.

Now that you know five ways to make your dark brown kitchen more modern, you can begin upgrading your kitchen space today. Check out Discount Kitchen Direct for espresso shaker RTA cabinets to elevate your space and add some extra flair.