5 Features You’ll Find in Traditional Shaker Cabinets

5 Features You’ll Find in Traditional Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinetry originated back in the 1700s when a religious group of people called the Shakers began crafting them. The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing is the more formal name for the Shakers, who were a religious group that formed in 1747 in England. These religious people had initially been a part of the Quakers. They chose to break off from them during a time when the Quakers were moving away from frenzied forms of spiritual expression. The name “Shakers” developed from the original nickname “the Shaking Quakers,” which people bestowed upon them due to their energetic nature of worship.

A group of Shakers set sail for America in 1774 because of a supposed religious revelation and settled in New York. During the 1800s, the Shaker Movement expanded from New England to some of America’s Midwestern states, which is when the Shakers earned recognition for their craftsmanship and furniture design. Their craftsmanship was practical, minimal, and well made, which is why their style is still so popular today. This is how the Shaker cabinets were born. Shaker cabinetry is still one of the most common styles you will see in cabinets all across the world. Here are five features you’ll find in traditional shaker cabinets.

5-Piece Door

One of the features of a traditional shaker cabinet is a five-piece door. Five-piece cabinet doors include four framing pieces, with the fifth piece being the middle panel. The four framing pieces consist of two stiles and two rails. The stiles are the longer pieces that run laterally along the outer sides of the center panel. The rails are the two shorter pieces that run horizontally along the top and bottom of the center panel. During construction, the center panel inserts into grooves that run along the inner edges of the stiles and rails. People favor the five-piece shaker cabinet door for its high-quality construction and versatile design. The five-piece door is one of the many elements that make the shaker cabinet remain so popular today.

Recessed Center Panel

The recessed center panel is one of the most recognizable features of the shaker cabinet. A cabinet door with a recessed panel has a center that is lower than the surrounding frames. For example, the stiles and the rails that surround the center panel are higher, leaving the center with a slight recession. A thinner piece of wood or material often makes up the center panels in shaker cabinets to make it easier for the panel to lie within the recessed area of the cabinet. The recessed center panel is one of the features that make shaker cabinets so minimalist and clean in their traditional design. This recessed detailing creates a visually appealing element that draws the eye without being overly dramatic.

Square Edges

Another feature of shaker cabinetry is square edges. The traditional design of shaker cabinets features edges that are square to match the minimalistic aesthetic. Cabinets with 90-degree angles create a sleek design that works well in any kitchen or bathroom space. In addition, the square edges allow for easy cleaning and upkeep. Square edges are the original and most traditional edging for shaker cabinetry; however, they can also come with various other kinds of edges. An eased edge is also very common in shaker cabinetry, often referred to as “the shaker edge.” Eased edges are square with a slight rounding effect that gives the design a more seamless and less angular quality. Milan edges are another option that offers a more European feeling to the cabinetry by giving a rounded pillowing effect to the edges. Milan edges are also less angular than square edges and bring a softer feel to the room’s overall design.

Straight Lines

Straight lines are also a feature of shaker cabinets. These straight lines are part of what makes shaker cabinets so versatile, as they can lean in both traditional and modern directions. Clean, straight lines are a staple element to have in any minimalist design. Since the creation of shaker cabinets back in the 1700s, these straight lines have added to their modesty, minimalism, and simplicity. When it comes to interior design, utilizing clean, straight lines draws the eye in both horizontal and vertical directions. Vertical straight lines create a feeling of height and can make a space feel taller, while horizontal lines can make a space feel more expansive and create a sense of peace and rest. When you put horizontal and vertical lines together to create a rectangle or square, it represents an impression of stability and structure. Therefore, shaker cabinets bring a strong sense of structure into any space.

Minimalist Design

The last feature of shaker cabinetry is a minimalist design. As previously mentioned, square edges, straight lines, and recessed center panels are all elements that add to the minimalism of the shaker cabinet. Modesty, simplicity, and minimalism are precisely what the Shakers were going for back in the 1700s when they originally crafted these cabinets. It’s because of this particular style that shaker cabinetry works so beautifully in any space. The minimalistic style is utilized well in traditional, modern, or transitional kitchen designs to create the perfect space for any family or individual. If you are looking for sleek and simple kitchen cabinetry to enhance your home, then shaker cabinets are the ideal choice for you.

From Quakers to Shakers to shaker cabinetry, these cabinets are a tradition that stands the test of time. The five features you’ll find in traditional shaker cabinets all come together effortlessly to create the most beautiful cabinetry for any room. Discount Kitchen Direct carries a wide selection of RTA white shaker cabinets that will look lovely in your home. RTA shaker cabinetry is perfect for a clean, classic kitchen and adds a simple, minimalistic design that can be either modern or traditional. The Shakers sure knew what they were doing all those generations ago when they began crafting these brilliant and timeless cabinets. Find the perfect set of shaker cabinets for your home today!

5 Features You’ll Find in Traditional Shaker Cabinets