5 Design Ideas for Showcasing Your Gray Kitchen Cabinets

5 Design Ideas for Showcasing Your Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray kitchen cabinetry is a popular trend popping up in kitchens everywhere. However, there are a few strategic ways to draw attention to your cabinets, making them a statement design element within your space. Here are five design ideas for showcasing your gray kitchen cabinets.


The first design idea for showcasing your gray kitchen cabinets is taking advantage of the lighting. Using strategic lighting techniques will allow you to show off the beauty of your gray cabinetry with illumination and ease. Soffit lights above your cabinets are a great example of a creative lighting solution that will show off your stunning cabinetry.

Accent Colors

Using accent colors is the second design idea to show off your gray cabinetry. You can use complementary colors in your other kitchen elements, such as tiles, countertops, and wall paint. Utilizing different colors that look good with gray will elevate your kitchen space while drawing the eye to your cabinets. Golds, whites, and pastels are all examples of colors that complement gray.

Unique Hardware

The third kitchen design idea is to draw attention to your gray cabinets with unique hardware. Because gray is a neutral color, it’s beneficial to add interesting décor elements to elevate your cabinetry. For example, gold hardware can look lovely against the backdrop of your gray cabinets and can draw the eye to the space.


Introducing contrast is the fourth design idea to showcase your gray cabinetry. As previously mentioned, gray is a neutral color, so adding some contrasting features and elements will help make the kitchen space feel brighter and more interesting. Adding some contrasting patterns with floor tiles and backsplashes is a great way to tie the room together.


The fifth idea to help showcase your gray kitchen cabinets is finding balance. You want your space to have a balance that feels natural and inviting. You can achieve this by utilizing gray in other design elements within the space. For example, gray appliances, gray tiles, and other shades of gray within the kitchen will help the room to feel cohesive.

Now that you have five kitchen design ideas to show off your gray cabinetry, you can begin implementing these strategies in your space today. Check out Discount Kitchen Direct’s stunning selection of shaker gray kitchen cabinets to elevate your space.