5 Advantages RTA Kitchen Cabinets Give to Contractors

5 Advantages RTA Kitchen Cabinets Give to Contractors

Contractors have many choices to make when it comes to building a project. They have to pick and purchase the best and most affordable materials while also considering efficiency and turnaround times. It can get stressful for contractors as they have to juggle all of these different elements in order to complete a project and please their clients. There are numerous details for contractors to consider. But Ready To Assemble cabinets serve as the perfect solution to a number of these stressful situations. Choosing the right cabinetry for a project is very advantageous for contractors in several ways. Here are five advantages RTA kitchen cabinets give to contractors.


The first advantage that RTA kitchen cabinets provide contractors with is affordability. One of the main factors in a contractor’s mind as they work on a project is affordability. There are so many different materials that go into building a project, and each of those materials costs money. All of those materials add up to one big price tag, so in order to stay within a budget, contractors are always looking for ways to reduce the cost of materials.

RTA cabinetry is a perfect way to help significantly cut down costs on a project because they are far more affordable than custom cabinets. Businesses typically price cabinetry by the linear foot, and custom cabinets are more expensive per foot, generally ranging anywhere from 500 dollars to 1200 dollars per linear foot. On the other hand, the price of RTA cabinets generally ranges from 150 dollars to 400 dollars per linear foot, which makes them a much more affordable option for both contractors and clients.


Flexibility is the second advantage that RTA kitchen cabinets give to contractors. RTA cabinetry comes in an array of different colors, shapes, sizes, and styles, which provides contractors with greater flexibility in their projects. With RTA cabinets, you have the ability to pick and choose all the different elements you want to include in your cabinetry project. Custom cabinetry does not give contractors the same options and opportunities for flexibility in the way that RTA cabinets do. In order to please and satisfy clients and their needs, contractors need to have the ability to provide a variety of options when building a project.

The use of RTA cabinets allows our clients and contractors to choose any style they like from a diverse range of choices and get the perfect fit for their particular project. For example, if a client specifically wants ebony kitchen cabinets, RTA cabinetry gives the contractor the ability to provide that. The flexibility of RTA cabinetry also allows contractors or clients to make changes at any time if they feel it necessary, which is something that is not an easy option with custom cabinetry.

Quick Turnaround

The third advantage that contractors receive from RTA kitchen cabinetry is a quick turnaround time. Turning around a project on time is essential for contractors. Quick turnaround times give contractors a competitive edge against competitors, and it is impressive to their clients. Therefore, it’s helpful to have as many elements come together in a project as possible to help speed up turnaround time. RTA cabinets are a fantastic way to speed up that time. Because RTA cabinetry is unassembled, it takes up far less storage space, allowing warehouses to constantly keep them in stock. This consistent stock makes shipping times much quicker, which is advantageous for contractors. The faster that contractors are able to get their materials, the faster they are able to complete their projects. This quick turnaround makes RTA cabinetry an ideal option for contractors and their clients.

Easy Transport

Easy transport is the fourth benefit that RTA kitchen cabinets provide to contractors. Traditional and custom-made cabinetry is difficult to ship and transport because it is built prior to shipping. Because of this, traditional custom-made cabinetry has a higher risk of damage during transportation due to the fact that it has to be shipped in very large, heavy boxes. On the other hand, RTA cabinets are not assembled prior to delivery, which makes them far easier to send and ship. People typically package RTA cabinets in flat boxes referred to as “flat-pack.” These packages make for easier and more efficient shipping and handling and reduce the risk of potential damage during transport. Because you ship RTA cabinets in smaller boxes, it also cuts down on shipping costs, which is another advantageous element. Overall, this easier and faster shipping process is fantastic for contractors because it aids them in quick turnarounds.

Easy Assembly

The last advantage that RTA kitchen cabinets give to contractors is easy assembly. RTA stands for “ready-to-assemble,” which essentially means that these cabinets are able to be assembled quickly and easily. When working on projects, contractors typically try to find ways to make their job more efficient, and RTA cabinetry is one of the ways they are able to do this. In addition, these kinds of cabinets take very few tools to put together, which cuts down on labor and saves time. Generally speaking, the only tools you will need to assemble RTA cabinets are:

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Wood glue

The fewer tools you need to build something, the quicker the process will go, which is part of what makes RTA cabinets so appealing to contractors and consumers alike. These cabinets speed up building and turnaround times and make the overall process much more efficient.

Now that you know the five advantages RTA kitchen cabinets give to contractors, make the switch to RTA cabinetry today! If you are a contractor or client looking for the perfect RTA cabinets for your project, then check out our selection here at Discount Kitchen Direct. You won’t be disappointed. We carry a wide range of designs and styles that will be the ideal fit for your space. We also offer an expansive range of stunning colors that will match whatever design aesthetic you prefer.

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5 Advantages RTA Kitchen Cabinets Give to Contractors