3 Kitchen Design Trends You’ll See in 2022

3 Kitchen Design Trends You’ll See in 2022

Each year brings a new wave of interior design ideas, especially for high-use spaces like the kitchen. Discover the top three kitchen design trends you’ll see in 2022.

Open Floating Shelves

Kitchen cabinets are great for hiding and holding unsightly appliances. But what about the beautiful glassware and painted dishes you own? That’s where the floating shelf comes in. You can expect to see more of these open-faced slats that serve as storage solutions and presentation racks all in one.

Thoughtfully Colorful Wallpaper

If you look at older kitchens that your grandparents might’ve had, they likely feature dense floral wallpapering. In the decades since, kitchens became progressively simpler with plainer, more consistent colors and minimalist design. Now, people are gently reintroducing color to their homes, especially the kitchen. You should expect to see thoughtfully colorful wallpaper pepper new kitchens in 2022.

One key variation is that this splash of color is only that—a splash. It’ll cover just one wall or one small area rather than overtaking the entire room.

Sleek, Modern Cabinetry

The sleek and modern kitchen look is in and here to stay. Expect to see streamlined, minimalist cabinetry continue to dominate the space with fewer ornate edges and less bulky hardware. Our team at Discount Kitchen Direct stays up to date on these trends and produces low-price kitchen cabinets in modern designs you’ll love. Explore our cabinet styles and colors and see how they might fit into your kitchen.

A Quick Note: Color Space and Density

Cabinets count for a large amount of space in your kitchen. This also means that whatever their color is, that hue will dominate the space. If you have beet-red cabinets, your kitchen will have that dark, reddish hue throughout. You should expect people to be more thoughtful with the cabinet colors they choose if they veer from classic white, black, or wood brown.

Remember these three kitchen design trends you’ll see in 2022 as the new year approaches. If you need help with your kitchen remodeling, let our design experts help. Reach out to us at Discount Kitchen Direct for more information today.